„Infrarohd Studio“ occupies a newly built penthouse space in an early 19th century building at the heart of Berlin’s „Prenzlauer Berg“ district. The studio offers 85 m² of space divided into two separate studios where a diverse range of audio projects can be realized.

Studio 1 is Aiko Rohd’s „control center“. It features an acoustically optimized control room, an abundance of state-of-the-art equipment, instruments of all kinds, a lounge area and a kitchen. Natural light fills the entire studio. The smaller Studio 2 is also acoustically optimized. The Infrarohd team works there at a fully-equipped, brightly lit workspace. Studio 2 can also be rented on a daily or weekly basis (rental requests can be made through the contact form).

Both studios are directly wired with a 15 m² recording room which was specially built using custom-made absorbers, diffusors and bass traps to provide a uniquely charming and sophisticated acoustic environment.